Wholesale Information


Looking for those items that make your shop stand out from the rest?

Reiki Reflections offers Wholesale to established Business owners. Please contact us by email Lisa@ReikiReflections.com for prices and minimum purchase requirements.


Please include your business tax identification # along with your Business location and phone number. This is to assure that you are an established business.


Wholesale pricing is offered on any of the Reiki Reflections original pieces and engraved items. Wholesale is not offered dried herbs, and other non-crystal items.


Payments can be accepted by credit card or e-check through Paypal or money order, cashiers check, or business check (must wait 10 business days for check to clear)


We are currently working on a wholesale site for Retailers and hope it to be up and running soon. Once your business has been approved, we will email you our pricing sheet, conact information etc.


Thank you for your interest in carrying our unique, one of a kind items. We offer high end, unique healing tools that will last your customers a lifetime.



To inquire or place an order please email us at: Lisa@ReikiReflections.com



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